Is your current workflow costing you time?

Cookie cutter encounter forms and workflows generally don’t save you the amount of time that you could be, so let us use our experience to do just that. Save you time and money!

We provide Development services to organizations large and small and all projects are managed under the auspices of ITIL. Some of these services include:

Centricity Encounter Form editing

Have you recently purchased GE and need a full suite of encounter forms developed? Do you need new functionality added to an existing form? We have highly skilled developers that not only build your forms, they will provide workflow analysis before hand to insure you are will be maximizing its capabilities.

Forms may be developed using VFE (Visual Form Editor) or EFE (Encounter Form Editor).

(Note: Development using the VFE editor requires 1 user license from Logical Inovations)

Are you using CCC forms and need to maximize its usability? We have content experts on hand to assist you.  Read More…

SureScripts eForm Development

Purchased patient portal from GE and need a power boost? Need assistance with adding new workflows or features? We are the leading certified solution partner of SureScripts and have years of experience in Implementing and customizing SureScript’s patient portal.

see our special surescripts services..

MedFusion eForm Development

Helping patients integrate their MedFusion eForm into encounter forms is our specialty. With our expert staff we can also help you! Read More…


Custom Software

Have a good idea that you have a lot of passion for or perhaps your industry would greatly benefits from your idea. Let us make it come to life. Read More…

Crystal Reports

We can build that special report to assist you with your special needs. Read more…