MD EMR – Data Archiving solution

MD EMR Data Archive

MD EMR Data Archive

Is your EMR running slow, doing a data migration and need the old files stored elsewhere or perhaps you are just looking to protect yourself from Ransomware. Our custom built archiving solution will meet your needs. MD EMR Data Archive is built on the FHIR API and will always be up to date with the most modern approach to archiving and protecting your data.  See our list of options currently available:

  • Demographics
  • Internal Documents as RTF or PDF
  • External files
  • .tiff, .jpeg, etc
  • stored as native file type inside archive database
  • Discrete data including – problems, medications, allergies, vitals, and lab results.
  • Accessed via a web browser
  • Integrated with active directory/LDAP
  • Runs on FHIR
  • Ability to restrict user view access based on LOC
  • Full Audit Tracking
  • Can be stored in cloud or locally
  • Nightly import/backup of data from EMR to Archive

Our tool has the option to be customizable to your own brand.

Your staffs actions are tracked and audited.

We have search features such as

  • Search based on any or all attributes
  • First/Last can search based on any number of characters
  • Searching based on first of first and first of last here.

Interested in a demo please contact us now!!