Our engineered suite of products are game changers!

Some of our products came from a clients request and some just came naturally! Either way everyone can benefit from them.

Our encounter forms:

OBS Analyzer

Our Obs Analyzer works with GE Centricity only however this tools is a must have for your site. Our tool will give you a detailed report of every term ever populated with every value and which form entered the value. This allows you to identify bad forms, old forms or to help with migrating data from one place to the next.  Read more


Odoro / Appointment Scheduling

There isn’t an appointment software out there that has all the features that we offer in one package. Live appointment scheduling, voice dial in/IVR, portal integration, phone apps and even reminders. The product can replace your whole appointment desk.Demo is available, Read more


Portal Registration Form/GE Patient Portal

Our GE portal registration form is a 1 button solutions that creates the portal account, links it to the chart, sends a welcome letter and even updates your patient banner, Demo is available.  Read more

Pre-loader Tools

Our Pre-Loader Tools are built to save you time and money with better accuracy than doing it manually. It is a must have for any pre-loading need. Read more

XRF Editor

Mapping MLI to OBSTerm names can be a painful and tedious task  which is why we built a tool to speed up this process. The price of our tool is cheaper than the hours you will put in doing it manually. Read more

 Top Social Rank

Improve physician reputations, Target the profitable market share via ads, Continuously measure the value, read more