The #1 Scheduling solution in healthcare today!


Odoro’s healthcare schedulers are based on our unique developed technology, SchedLogic.

SchedLogic allows the practice to add advanced business rules and systematic approach to its appointment scheduling logic, in order to optimize physician time and increase revenue.

By using Odoro’s Healthcare Schedulers you can define any rule for your schedule and SchedLogic will follow it with 100% accuracy.

Odoro’s Healthcare Schedulers manage your time in the most efficient way, allowing patients to schedule appointments 24/7, adapted to suit a wide range of practices, from a single provider up to hundreds.

Patient have multiple ways to schedule via Odoro (Included in 1 monthly price):

  •  Website Scheduler
  •  IVR Scheduler
  •  Call Center Application
  • Portal Page

To watch a demo of our Portal Workflow


Introducing our Brand new ROI Calculator


Medical appointments booked annually


Appointments moved to self-service with Odoro


Saved per month, per practitioner


"No-show" reduction


Increased appointment utilization & practice growth


Increased patient satisfaction & engagement

All Odoro’s Healthcare Schedulers are synchronized in real time and available from any computer, tablet or smart phone. Appointments scheduled via our schedulers will be automatically displays on the Office Scheduler. This synchronization gives you, and your staff, the freedom to schedule any time anywhere and always see an accurate picture of your time.

For your convenient our Healthcare Schedulers can be easily integrated to your EMR and PM system.