Setting the Bar in Healthcare IT Systems


Do you realize how much you could save by outsourcing some or all of your support?

In these tough economic times, it is less viable for some organizations to employ specialized IT support staff on a permanent full time basis. Working with MD EMR Systems on User/Backend support outsourcing has proven to reduce costs dramatically for a number of clients. Whether you have a fixed monthly support requirement or if your support services needs are sporadic, we can provide customized support service packages to meet your needs.  Our system architects and consultants  can work independently  or as an extension of your existing team.

We provide support services to organizations large and small and all projects are managed under the auspices of ITIL. Some of these services include:

Portal Support – Back end/ User end

Our Consultants have a wealth of experience in supporting GE Patient Portal. We have a large pool of Consultants with a wide range of technical skills, meaning no matter the issue or need, we are almost certain to have the required technical skills in house. If you have a GE Patient Portal which requires ongoing support and maintenance, or if you would like to explore systems integration to improve the performance of this system, we can help.

Instead of training your staff for each new portal enhancement or during turnover. Let us handle your patients when they have a portal concern. We have a direct support line for your patients to call and/or email when they are in need of assistance. We will monitor your issues and attempt to prevent future issues through our data collection process. Read more

Remote Link Logic Support

Link Logic and it’s errors can end up costing you tons of man hours specially when one isn’t as proficient with the system as we are. We can save you money by managing your linklogic. Read more

Encounter Form Support

The cost of a qualified employee to edit your forms is typically not worth the time. For a yearly fee at a fraction of the cost, we can make those edits for you! Read more


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