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    Managing Interfaces with FHIR/HL7 in Centricity EMR and CPS

    Centricity Patient Portal - How to Improve Your Portal Workflows with Centricity

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  • odoro

    Are you ready to bring your appointment scheduling to next level? Our product can work with your preferred EMR, PM, Call Center, PBX and Portal.

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Setting the bar in Healthcare IT Systems


Data Migration

Our automated data solutions can help speed migrations and reduce errors.


Encounter Forms

Designing and editing encounter forms for Centricity EMR to automate clinical workflows


Care Kiosk

Eliminate paper forms at your clinic once and for all with Pre-Visit and Check in solutions with Esignature.


Portal Power Boost

Our Power boost can improve your Centricity Patient Portal and teach you the newest features!


Why use us for your EMR Data Migration?

Safe, secure, complete data migrations. MD EMR has more than 13 years of experience moving EMR data between various EMR, PM and HIE.  We have worked with over 60 different EMR and PM systems including Virence Centricity, Epic, Cerner, AllScripts, Greenway, E-Clinical Works, Aprima, NextGen and many others.  We have developed tools and project plans to ensure a successful project. This depth of experience assures your project will be completed quickly, accurately and completely.

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We host monthly demos to show the latest features of both our Odoro (patient self scheduling), Archive and Care Kiosk Check in solution.

Patient Portal Integrated Scheduling and Reminder solution Demo


MD EMR Archive Demo


Live Appointment Scheduling


A new reality for doctors and their patients

Where automated, adaptable, and personalized appointment scheduling helps streamline your medical staff’s day and lets them focus on their practice. Where patients self-schedule from any device, online or offline, anytime. Making for a great patient experience.


Medical appointments booked annually


Appointments moved to self-service with Odoro


Saved per month, per practitioner


"No-show" reduction



Increased appointment utilization & practice growth


Increased patient satisfaction & engagement

Centricity Patient Portal


We are the premier vendor for all your patient portal needs. With over 8+ years experience with deploying and customizing portal. We have developed state of the art workflows, addons and solutions to help take your portal to the next level! 

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